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SIMPLIFYING  School Administration



Does WAVE need to be installed locally on our server? Previous

No. WAVE was designed on the cloud and is a comprehensive online, web based school management system. All users can access WAVE through one login to their private portal. WAVE can be accessed from anywhere where internet is available.


How do we start using WAVE? Previous

You have the option to sign up for a free trial from the WildBright home site. A wizard will walk you through every step for uploading your data and for starting your experience with WAVE. Another option would be to contact our customer support and WildBright support staff will be happy to help you upload your data or use some sample data in order to start using the system.


How do I sign up for a Demo? Previous

You can either contact our sales department or you can sign up for a free demo from the WildBright home site. Wildbright will contact you to setup a time for an online demo by one of our engineers.


Is there an Online Documentation for WAVE? Previous

Yes, and users can use the tips tab located on the left hand side of every page for a detailed description of how to use that page.


Where does the school data get hosted? Previous

WAVE and all the confidential school data are securely hosted in WildBright servers that are securely hosted at a very up to industry standard internet hosting facilities.


How secured is our data with WildBright? Previous

WildBright takes customers’ data’s confidentiality very seriously. Therefore, customer data is securely hosted behind industry standard firewalls and is maintained, preserved and backed up using the most effective, cutting edge technology in data security and maintenance.

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